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The Tuning Tones - MP3 Download

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Format - Audio File: MP3 files compressed as a single .zip file

Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player

Sharpen your ability to play in tune by using your ears.

Your ears are the quickest judge of inaccurate intonation. Why not use them?

I created these tones for my own practice needs. My colleagues, other music teachers and students started requesting CDs of these tones so I decided to make this available to everyone as a MP3 download.

Unlike the synthesized sound produced by electronic tuners, the 12 chromatic tones in this collection are a pleasant sounding blend of acoustic horns and brass instruments. Each tone is six minutes in duration and was specifically designed to be rich yet narrow enough to allow you to find the pitch center and put your note "in the pocket".

Just plug your MP3 player into quality speakers and, for the first time, you'll experience a practice session for intonation that is enjoyable.

Practice scales, arpeggios, and even specific passages. It makes short work of practicing intonation.

These tuning tones have been used by students and professionals.

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