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Student FAQs - Who Are We?

Playing Piano

The Online Music Institute is a completely virtual music school. If this sounds like something new and exotic, you'll be surprised to know that teaching music with modern technology has been successful in the past. Joseph Maddy of Interlochen started teaching music through the radio in 1931 and continued successfully for many years. You'll also be surprised to know Pinchas Zukerman has been teaching with a videoconference system since 1996.

We use a combination of Internet based technologies to connect you with your teacher. You can see and hear your teacher and your teacher can see and hear you as if you both were in the same room. Amazing? Yes, and now possible to anyone with an Internet connection.

If you are reading this on a notebook, it's likely you already have everything you need to get started. Learning music through the Internet is becoming so much more mainstream.

Each music teacher on the Online Music Institute has been hand picked from hundreds of applicants. Our teachers have all studied at the best universities around the world, many with advanced degrees.

So, if you are looking for some private lessons with excellent teachers, we can help.

We are a group of highly experienced teachers and performers dedicated to helping you achieve your musical goals.

What You Get When You Register

Registering with the Online Music Institute is absolutely free and will give you access to the following:

  • Your own profile page
  • Opportunity to contact other music students around the world
  • Join and create user groups
  • Take advantage of some of the special offers and discounts
  • Access to free articles and instructional videos
  • The ability to contact our instructors
  • Private Skype music lessons, Google Video Chat music lessons or any Webcam music lessons
  • Free or big discounts on products from our teachers
  • Participate in virtual master classes

Click on the Sign Up Free! button above and you will be taken to a registration page. Fill out the form and we will email you a link for you to confirm your registration.