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Testimonials - Sonny Abraham

Sonny Abraham
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"Sonny John Sir is an amazing teacher with exceptional teaching quality.
Me & my grand son joined the classes to learn keyboard & we both enjoy learning music with him.His teaching style is so unique that you flow with all lessons so smoothly that even before you realize you have already acquired the skills. I have never seen any music teacher so dedicated and master of his art. With his guidance each lesson becomes very easy to understand. We don't only learn to play instrument, we also learn the in-depth theory of music.
- Umesh Thakkar
"Success of any teacher is to ignite quest for learning in his student, howsoever dull, his student might be. Due to various reasons including pre-occupation, I am not able to follow Mr John's one advice that I should practice at least 15 minutes daily and thus my learning is slow. I appreciate Mr John as a teacher who still encourages me and keeps me motivated. He is brilliant, what ever I learnt especially using both my hands together while playing Keyboard , full credit goes to him. I wish him further success as teacher and guide for those who are on journey destined to Music with emotion which the Almighty has love for-Ram niwas jha"      
- Sonny Abraham