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Testimonials - Rudolph Stein

Rudolph Stein
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""Matthew attended his final high school orchestra recognition banquet Wednesday evening and was recognized as the 2013-2014 THHS Instrumental Music Outstanding String Musician! What a great honor and a great way to close out his high school musical experience on such a high note(!).

He could not have accomplished all that he did to merit this award if it wasn't for your tutelage and inspiration as his cello instructor - Thank you! You certainly merit recognition as contributing significantly to his earning this award.

From Eileen and I, we want to thank you for your professionalism and patience in making Matthew a true musician."

Charlie W.
- Charlie W.
"Rudolph [Stein] is a great instructor!"      
- AM
"I had my first cello lesson and I found it great. Rudolph Stein is a very good teacher. He makes sure you understand what he is teaching."      
- Nathalie
"Thank you for this fabulous lesson. You definitely got me even more hooked up!"      
- Nathalie
"Lesson #6: still fabulous!! Cello is hard but Rudolph Stein is an excellent teacher . He is able to show me all the intricacies of cello playing via Skype, sometimes bringing the camera closer to see the details ( perhaps even better than if I were sitting in his class), sometimes showing me a whole image of him allowing me to see the big picture!
Bonus, I can schedule lessons when I want to , in the comfort of my apartment, change the schedule.... This is perfect for the crazy Manhttan lifestyle and the ONLY way I can continue taking lessons.
- Nathalie