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Teacher FAQs - How Does It Work?

If you already work as a music teacher, Online Music Institute can open up a world of opportunities for you teaching music online.

With Online Music Institute, you can maximize your potential and sell your skills, time and the products you have created (cds, videos, method books, etc.) to music students across the globe.

You will get you own personal Instructor's Page. This page will include:

  • Your Picture
  • What instrument(s) and/or subject(s) you teach
  • Degrees earned
  • Your teaching experience
  • Your biography
  • Listing of the articles you have written
  • You own Marketplace - An area to sell your own products (CDs, Videos, Method Books)
  • Your videos
  • A blog
  • A photo gallery
  • Testimonials
  • And a wall for your students or guests (if you choose) to post messages or comments.

In addition, you can start a user group for your students to discuss music or anything else.

You can use Skype or any video conferencing system.

The Online Music Institute takes care of all the scheduling, billing and advertising. All you have to do is teach because we send the students to you!

In order to continue to send students to our instructors, the Online Music Institute withholds 20% of the instructor's lesson fee to cover advertising, transaction fees, server fees and administrative costs required to maintain the website.


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