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About Me

Gerard (Gerry) Rodrigues is a musician, music teacher and song writer presently residing in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada. Canada has offered him positive encounters and experiences with musicians, music education and the music industry.

Gerry has been studying music since 1980. He attended the Jazz program at Humber College, Toronto, with an advanced standing. Furthermore, to boost his carrier he received a scholarship to attend the National Guitar Summer workshop (U.S) where he studied with “Mick Goodrick”. Encountering and having studied with one of the legendary Jazz guitarist “Joe Diorio” brings out his major influence in music.

Learning Flamenco Guitar is one of his oldest passions which he recently materialized since he first heard a recording in 1980 of Paco De Lucia & Paco Pena. He did take a few Lessons from an authentic Flamenco Maestro “Miguel Dela Bastide” in Canada. Since then he’s been in process of evolving with that passion slowly but steadily.

The most real thing for Gerry is performing live music, teaching music, recording music  and having fun musically with real people & musicians.

His style is of a versatile nature consisting of deep sultry passion for soulful music for styles like jazz, fusion, soul, pop, R&B funk and world music. When all this comes together with intuition, rhythm and the flavors of the different styles, he leaves you with a refreshing magical feeling of music which is a treat to the body, soul & mind.

He has been scoping the world growing as a person, playing, teaching, recording & constantly updating his skills as a musician, producer, songwriter and person.

His 3 kids, Kevin, Keanen and Kimberley are a constant source of inspiration & a sort of source energy in his life’s journey towards music and a higher self.

Gerry’s performance is magnetic and passionate, laced with charisma, & soul, which leaves you Lurking for more every time you experience the magic of his music.