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About Me

  • popularly called as M S VIDYA from Bangalore city in India.
  • born in a reputed family of Carnatic musicians who have been practising this Indian form of Fine Arts since three or more generations;
  • hails from a devotional background; gifted with the art of composing lyrics as well as classical forms of music of Southern India;
  • has received rigorous vocalised training in this unique art form since the age of two under the able guidence of preceptor-father,MUNDARIGI SESHAGIRI ACHAR of Bellary, whose name stands in the list of popular contemporary composers(20th Century) of South Indian Classical Music; been a recepient of state and national level scholarships during the course of training;
  • teaching vocal music to many aspiring and talented students at various levels,i.e. junior, senior and proficiency since 28 years;
  • working as music director -introducing various dimensions of Indian Classical modes into a plethora of  compositions;
  • Guiding and encouraging deserving students to take up musical studies and research as the mainstream in academics;
  • rendered more than 1500 solo performances in various states within India with special emphasis on thematic concerts;
  • holds a Masters Degree in Music (M.A.Music), Masters of Philosophy degree in Carnatic music (M.Phil) with Distinction, preceeded by a  degree in Science(B.Sc) at collegiate level;
  • giving equal prominence to both theory and practical sections of the art form;
  • pursuing academic research in music from the Fine Arts Department, Delhi University