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About Me

David Labay earned a Bachelor of Liberal Studies from the University of Central Florida in Orlando , Florida (1993). With concentrations in communications, engineering, theatre and music he has learned to enhance all aspects of music performance; from the symbolic representation of music notation on the written page to the visual representation of it on the performance stage. He received his technical training at Full Sail University in Orlando , Florida (1989).

Utilizing MIDI David has custom designed and constructed multimedia synchronized light shows for rock performers and model showcases localized to Austin and San Antonio , Texas . He has also made several music videos, one of which was put on youtube to honor the memory of the late Randy Rhoads; the guitarist who played for Ozzy Osbourne and was killed in a plane crash in 1982.

From learning the basics of reading music notation to song writing and performance David teaches all aspects of musicianship in order to progress the student to the best of their abilities. He has taught guitar and bass for over 10 years and recognizes the importance of working with talent through their insecurities and learning difficulties. Currently, David teaches students of all ages (7 and older) at Studio 88 School of Music. He encourages and his students to perform in local recitals and in their school talent shows throughout the year as a way of gaining experience about performing live in front of an audience. Some of the local venues include: San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, Cinco de Mayo San Antonio and Fiesta San Antonio.